Chicken stock

Print Recipe Chicken stock Cook Time3 hrsTotal Time3 hrs Ingredients1 Chicken carcass2 Chicken wing tipsfull cream milk powder2 bay leaves1 sprig Thyme1 sprig Rosemary InstructionsPreheat oven to 180C (375F) Salt the carcass well, drizzle with olive oil and and dust with full cream milk powder. Bake till golden. Put the baked carcass (with any flesh […]

Chicken maryland in a creamy sauce

Print Recipe Chicken maryland in a creamy sauce Cook Time30 minsTotal Time30 mins Servings: 2 people Ingredients2 Chicken maryland joints Butchered from a whole chickensalt2 tbs butter1 shallot1/3 cup white wine1 avocado1 tbs pure cream InstructionsRemove the thigh and drums from the carcass in one joint – the maryland. Preheat oven to 180C (375F) Season […]

Airline Breast

Print Recipe Airline Breast Cook Time10 minsTotal Time10 mins Servings: 2 people Ingredients2 Chicken breasts Butchered from a whole chicken1 sprig Rosemary1 tbs olive oil3 tbs butter1/2 cup Chicken Stock prepared from whole carcasssalt InstructionsRemove the breast keeping skin on, and the exposed bone of the wing. Remove tenders, rub with olive oil and Rosemaryand […]

Chicken wing

Print Recipe Chicken wing Cook Time45 minsTotal Time45 mins Servings: 2 wings Ingredients2 Chicken wings from butchering a whole chickenolive oilsaltfull cream milk powdercreme fraiche or sour creamblue cheesebutter meltedhot sauce InstructionsCut the skin and meat around the shoulder joint, dislocate the wing at the elbow and pull the wing off leaving the first wing […]